Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Seidell Family Christmas 2008

Here are a few photos from Christmas morning and our trip up to Seattle to see Cara, Kent, Steve, and Anna. Coulter was showered with gifts (as were we) and we had a great time seeing everyone.

Cara is showing (due on April 10th with Baby Girl Channing) and looks so cute with her baby bump. We played some intense games of Wii bowling...with all but Nichole hitting pro status....I guess I should have stayed up until 3 AM trying (ahhhem, Sean).

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow Days and Binge Eating

We all have a tendency to overeat when stuck in the house during the holidays. Coulter figured out how to call Pizza-a-Go-Go the other day and helped himself to a large pepperoni pizza! Mom and dad had the beer that must accompany pizza :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Coulter's First Typed Words

Coulter got on the computer today and wrote some of his thoughts in a word document. As parents we are beaming with pride. Coulter says:
T d wa., ;m, mmnb tfv hnmh gvbgsdr67ju6cad
crtb vn

Vecv z jhvh

And a Merry Vecv z jhvh to us all!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Arctic Blast- 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oliva and her bodyguard

Love this photo of Coulter with Olivia (Jen's baby born the same day as Coulter). If I were being artistic I would call the photo "Fire and Ice".

I have no idea where Coulter got that tough guy glare, but I want to caption it with, "What you mean the tooth fairy isn't coming? Maybe I need to knock out some teeth... know what I'm sayin' Guy Smiley? Hey Olivia, this date's on me."

Monday, December 15, 2008

Coulter Meets Santa

Coulter was a total champ...he gave us a brief smile so we could capture this photo for this year's holiday cards (you may get them as an after Christmas treat..sometime in '09).

I can't believe that the little guy we first met on April 4th of this year has grown into this boy. I love watching him become his own person and experience the world around him in a new way every day. Eight months ago I wasn't sure how things would look for our family by Christmas...I just didn't think it could be this good.

Sean and I were just saying that now that Coulter is here, we can't even imagine a time when he wasn't. He was meant to be our kid. I am sure of that...and I feel so fortunate that he is a healthy and happy baby. 2008 has been a challenging year....bring on 2009!!!

It's going to be a great year!

Winter 2008

A few fun photos of the C-Bug from Baby Gym with Anne, play date with Oliver, and trying out the Johnny Jump-up.