Sunday, September 6, 2009

Closing in on Summer 2009

This summer has been full of excitement. It started in May with a visit from the Philly Grandparents and continued with a visit from the California Almas in July and then in August Sean and Nichole went on a romantic 4 day vacation in New York and Vermont while Coulter was spoiled by Grammie and Pop C.

We have frequented Forest Park, the Children's Museum, OMSI, the farmer's markets, the library, and of course the pool. It has been a wonderful fun filled summer with lots of changes. Coulter is growing by leaps and bounds. He has started singing the alphabet tune, loves his "melmo" (aka Elmo) toothbrush and has also had his first encounter with the potty. Mom, dad, dog, Jay, bubbles, baby, Alma, Elmo, bama (aks Obama), sit, more, done, "shhh", circle, apple, poop, ba-ba, shoes, no, yes, up, me, eyes, nose, flower, tree, leaf, and penis are now part of Coulter's vocabulary.

We are looking forward to a fun fall when Coulter can walk (still working on that one) and we can explore and discover even more of the world through his eyes.

Happy Labor Day Weekend and I will post again soon!

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