Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coulter goes to Philadelphia

Hello from Philadelphia. Where it's cold and sunny, the architecture is beautiul and historic, President-Elect Barack Obama has been passing through (yay!), and Coulter is visiting for the very first time.

Coulter has a really big family on the East Coast. So far he's visited with his grandma and grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins (Hi Catie, Beth, and Kevin!), friends (Hi DK and Ali!) and both of his great-grandfathers Pop Haggerty and Pop Coulter. We have video of Coulter meeting his Great Granddads to post, but that will have to wait until we return to Portland.

The flight out for Coulter was "good" as airlines go these days. We were worried that his ears would bother him and he'd be a screamer but he was perfect. He laughed, he looked around, he "talked", and he slept. There was a woman on her way from Portland to North Carolina to visit her grandkids sitting across the aisle from us who gave us another set of arms to hold Coulter during the 4.5 hour flight. We think that Coulter she wanted to hold Coulter as a just a warm up for her visit. It's a lot of holding and the help was welcome.

Sean was in the exit row and held sleeping Coulter for about 2 minutes when a flight attendant ran up to him and started shouting FAA regulations prohibit you from holding an infant in your arms at any time during the flight while seated in the emergency exit row... it went on. From that point on we just switched seats entirely when we needed to trade holding Coulter.

Coulter has loved visiting the grandparents. He's received a non-stop supply of love and affection for the last 3 days. All through the visit he has laughed, slept, and drooled. He's a real charmer.

Tomorrow night we fly out and back to Portland. I'll try to get the videos of Coulter's visit up during the week.