Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finally! Something new

I just wanted to post that something new and exciting has happened here at the Seidell household. It's happened twice already and it may be the start of a trend (and hopefully this post doesn't jinx it)... Coulter is mostly sleeping through the night! He is only waking up a few times in the night instead of almost hourly as he has done for most of his life.

This means that Nichole and Sean are starting to get some sleep. This is huge. We've conditioned ourselves to be productive members of society on a minimum of 3 hours - not bright eyed or bushy tailed members but productive (as measured on a subjective and sliding scale). For months, we've begged and pleaded for more sleep but our request have not been heard, or understood, by the 20 lb task master.

Coulter is showing signs of development by the day. Not just the sleeping, but also in verbal (he now says "Momma" and "Dadada") and in recognition (he claps wildly when he sees someone he knows). He makes signs for "milk" and "pick me up". He has one confirmed tooth and two more suspected teeth. He rolls like a champ. He can sit and wobble. He can stand and wobble. He jumps around like a wildman in his Johnny Jump-up and in his Evenflo "Bouncy Play Saucer" (is there a real name for that thing?). He's eating more and more solids such as Soy Chicken Nuggets (aka Fuggets = Fake + Nuggets), Cheerios, Soy Beef Patties (Fatties?), and every self-feeding toddler Graduate food product known to the Universe.

He's turning into a real boy. It's pretty amazing to watch Coulter develop and mature by the day. Recently we've been revisiting photos and blogs of Coulter's early days in the NICU as we've been getting involved in fundraising for the March of Dimes, and are surprised to see just how far the little guy has come from his humble 2lb 15oz beginning to now.

It just never seemed like we'd get here. However I know that I'll be saying the same thing again when he takes his first steps, goes to his first day of school, rides a bike, gets braces (it's in the genes), shaves, drives a car, goes to college, etc.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Little guy is not so little anymore :)

So Coulter has developed a voracious appetite...I think we may take the money we put in the 529 account and invest in some stocks so we can afford to feed him as a teenager. Note to self: consult hubby on stock idea. Anyway, we are having a great time watching Coulter explore new foods and express himself verbally and physically. In the past two weeks, he has:

-learned to clap
-started dancing when he hears music
-started using "mama" and "dada" fairly frequently
-developed a taste for "fake" chicken nuggets...which we now call fuggets
-made a few new friends- Sam, Rosie, and Aly
-started shaking his head "no" to every question you ask him
-begun to raise himself up and scoot backwards to get where he wants to go
-grown a tooth!!!

This momma is tired, to say the least :) I can barely manage to return a phone call and issue an invoice in a two week period!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Men in My Life...

Like father, like son...the two guys that stole my heart :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

March of Dimes Walk!

Sean and I are planning to walk in this year's March of Dimes Walk in Portland on April 25th.

We are walking on "Team Coulter" in honor of our guy's first birthday. We would appreciate any donations to the cause.

Check out the link here:


Thank you!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

First Words

It's official, Coulter says, "Da Da"...I of course had visions of Coulter's first words (or sentence) sounding more like, "Hey Mom, you look fabulous.." However, I suppose Da Da is good too :) Life is exciting here...so many changes on a daily basis. Rolling over, starting to belly scoot, "talking" like crazy....and that's just Sean's progress. Coulter is also developing at a rapid pace. Here are some recent photos.